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Rainbow Enrolment

The Enrolment

Once a place is confirmed as available for your child you will be asked to complete our registration form, giving details of Parents/Carers addresses and telephone numbers and your consent to allow staff to take your child for walks or to places of interest.

A form detailing your child’s family, friends, pets, likes and dislikes will also need to be filled in.

Any changes to these details must be reported immediately.

You are requested to pay a registration fee of £20.00 to cover all necessary administration costs, which is non-refundable.

A Rainbow bag and water bottle will be given to each child on starting.

First Days

We think it is important for parents and staff to work closely together to help the child feel confident and secure within the group.

This can occasionally take longer for some children than others and parents should not be concerned if their child takes a while to settle.

We will work closely with them to plan an individual settling in process appropriate to their child’s needs.

We have an admissions policy which you are welcome to see. The Manager is happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

At snack time the children share fruit and are also given milk to drink, we also like to introduce a wide variety of foods for your children to try during this time.

If your child does not drink milk then water will be offered, we do not provide juice/squash while children are in Rainbow and ask that you do not provide squash/juice in their daily Rainbow Bottles. This policy is in line with Glory Farm School.

Your child may bring in toys/books or things of interest, to do with the current theme to show the rest of the children. After discussion they will be placed in the box until it is time to go home. It’s is important that everything is named.

What to Wear

It is best to send your child in clothes that are comfortable, easily washed and are not brand new as we like to allow all children the opportunity to feel free to explore and experience lots of different materials including messy ones.

Simple clothing is also easier for children to be more independent when it comes to toileting.

Each child should bring with them to every session a Rainbow named bag with the following inside Plimsolls for indoor wear (no outdoor shoes in the building).

A full change of clothes, socks and pants, nappies and wipes if your child uses them.

A fresh bottle of water (with a photo of the child attached).

Outside whatever the weather

We like to give every child the opportunity to play outside in all weathers so please ensure that your child also has the following items appropriate to the weather conditions on the day:-

SUMMER - A sun hat and remember to apply sun cream to your child.

WINTER – Wellingtons, hat, scarf and gloves during cold weather.

It is very important that all clothes, shoes and belongings have the child’s name in them.

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